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Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) news

Stay informed with the latest Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) updates from our partners. For more CBHI information, please visit our CBHI page.

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06/23/2011 — Effective July 1, 2011, behavioral health screen modifier required

02/08/2011 — Massachusetts Behavioral Health (MABH) Access Web site search guide (PDF)

08/30/2010 — Primary care providers continue to increase behavioral health screenings rate

11/30/2009 — In-home behavioral health services performance specifications update (PDF)

11/03/2009 — The outpatient provider's role in three CBHI services (PDF)

10/27/2009 — In-home behavioral health services update (PDF)

10/15/2009 — Providers offering transitional age youth (TAY) services (PDF)

10/15/2009 — In-home behavioral health services qualifications update (PDF)

09/16/2009 — Community service agency (CSA) listing notice (PDF)

09/16/2009 — CSA listing (Excel)

08/10/2009 — CSA service authorization procedure (PDF)

05/15/2009 — Managed care entity (MCE) common network (PDF)

04/30/2009 — Revised announcement date for crisis stabilization network (PDF)

04/20/2009 — Child and adolescent needs and strength (CANS) update (PDF)

03/01/2009 — CANS billing update (PDF)

11/14/2008 — Service definition for intensive care coordination (PDF)

11/14/2008 — CANS information and requirements update (PDF)

09/22/2008 — Accessing the CANS application on the Virtual Gateway Web portal (PDF)

07/23/2008 — CANS training and implementation (PDF)

05/08/2008 — Introduction to CANS (PDF)  

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